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Our Awesome Services

High Speed Internet connections, Data Networks, Server Room layout and design, implementation of Application Specific servers, CCTV, VoIP Telephony systems, Bio-metric access control systems. We design and host Websites - including eCommerce, register your domain and host email.

Saving you lots with VoIP phones

How much money you can save by switching to VoIP calls? With the right VoIP service, you can slash your monthly phone bills by over 50%. Switch to cloud communication. Keep your original number - let us take care of porting your number so that existing customers can still easily contact you, and others can easily look you up. Or get a brand new number - area assigned or 08*. You can also easily Forward calls to any device, such as a mobile phone, handled as an extension anywhere in the world. Contact us now to request a quote. One of our representatives will be in touch shortly.

Cabling/Fiber, Server Room, Wi-Fi, CCTV, Access Control

We have years of experience in network cabling, fiber, server room installations and configurations - multiple operating system integration, Wi-Fi configurations, CCTV and access control installations. View your CCTV remotely on your PC or Mac, iPhone, Android or Windows phone, or tablet. Always be able to log in and view all of your closed circuit cameras from any remote location, keeping you in touch with what is going on at your business or at home. At all times of the day or night with 24/7 recording for later viewing. Software and setup included in your purchase.

Hosting - Web, Email, Cloud backup

Let us host your website and email. You will have easy access to email creation, mail delivery checks, database creation, stats, ftp accounts, site builders, file managers and more through the industry standard cPanel. Let us ensure you have reliable backups with offsite cloud backups. We also handle registration and hosting of domains for your convenience. See if it's available below:


Why You Need Us

To help you save money

Our experienced team install your physical network, server room, supply your computer hardware, VoIP telephones, CCTV camera's, access control, UPS accessories, and hook you up to the internet.

VOIP telephony

We are VoIP suppliers

We are a registered cloud communications provider. Our telecommunications and enhanced VoIP solutions include telecommunications and enhanced VoIP solutions including toll free services, call recording, call termination, Cloud PBXs, call center solutions, toll free numbers worldwide, local numbers worldwide, SIP trunks, DID/DDI numbers, VPN solutions, business telephone systems, VoIP phone systems, and conference calling. Contact us today to get one of our specialists set up a meeting with you. Lets help you save on your telecommunications costs.

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Professional cable installations

Not only do we provide and install cabling for computer networks or modern voice systems in an office or corporate environment, but we can provide you with high quality PBX or VOIP service installations. We can also set up your wireless infrastructure for secure, reliable and seamless wi-fi throughout your office. We also install security cameras and surveillance systems, indoors and outdoors. This, together with biometric access control integrated in your data network, and the latest software, bring together a complete, secure data solution for your business.

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Information technology

Information Technology integration

Let us securely connect all your computers, handheld devices such as tablets and phones, peripherals such as printers, scanners, etc to your network. We will set up your office network behind a firewall - with user and usage control, and create a secure VPN to enable you to work remotely to your workplace. View CCTV footage from anywhere over the internet.

Let us take care of your website and email hosting and management requirements. And we will handle your backups for you - while you sleep - safely to the cloud.

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