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Planning and designing your network provides the essential foundation for your future network build. Incorporation of multi-technology, planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting done by our professional team members, will ensure you have peace of mind where it comes to data integrity in your company. We specialise in Optic Fibre and Wi-Fi. We have years of experience in all major operating systems - from workstations to servers and more. We have experience on Microsoft®, Linux and MacOS systems to name but a few.

SEACOM's Fibre Internet Access Service provices customers with access to Internet via SEACOM's global high-speed data network and is delivered directly to the customer's premises using last-mile fibre connectivity - business or home. Click here to access the SEACOM Fibre Coverage Map Check to see if you fall in the current coverage area.

CCTV with Remote View

We will set up your system in such a way that you will be able to find your CCTV system on the world wide web. That means viewing your CCTV remotely on your PC or Mac, iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone or Android tablet. Always be able to log in and view all of your closed circuit cameras from any remote location, keeping you in touch with what is going on at your business or at home. At all times of the day or night with 24/7 recording for later viewing. Software and setup included in your purchase.

Website Development & Hosting

Your little piece of Internet “real estate” where people get to visit you to read about what your business is all about. Let us design and plan your website according to your specifications and needs. If you have an old website and need to have it upgraded or redesigned, our team will sit with you to learn exactly what your needs are. Every business needs a remarkable web presence. Show more...Our work is professional and affordable. We develop custom websites from the ground up that are tailored to your personal or business needs: Customer login & registration, eCommerce, Online Business, Directory and much more. First impressions are vital to encourage visitors to further explore your website and find what they are looking for. If your brand is conveyed effectively, visitors will feel the need to start a relationship with you.

We handle registration and hosting of domains for your convenience. See if it's available below: